Friday, May 28, 2010

4Watt Boster 2,4 B/G Argtek

Price : $200

With a solid aluminum construction the 2.4GHz Outdoor Signal Booster is designed to give a massive boost in range for a standard 802.11 b/g wireless signal. The outdoor unit amplifies the signal of any 802.11b/g device for up to 30dBm(1Watt) in power. That means your AP or Wireless Router can easily reach over 20 kilometers point to point with an 18dBi antenna in the open space. Several models with different output level ( 4W) are available to fit your operating environment.

Features :
Enlarge wireless signal indoor environments!

‧High Gain, High Value and High Performance/ Auto Gain Signal Booster
‧Amplify and AP's radio signal to 30dBm or more
‧Make broadband wireless application in possible coverage
‧Increase AP's receiving sensitivity up to -100dB
‧Increasing radio communication range by providing transmit gain as well as low-noise receive gain.
‧Case aluminum construction/weather-proof/ Lightning protection
‧This device can add strength radio signal to increase the effective range and coverage area for Wi-Fi communication.
‧Simply attach the DC Injector with 2.4GHz radio signal input plus the DC power feed to the outdoor unit and N type antenna.
‧The outdoor booster increase range by providing transmit gain as well as low noise receive gain.
‧The benefit for signal booster can save lots of wiring costs and easy to build wireless infrastructure for home or business use.

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