Sunday, May 23, 2010

COMPEX WPE53G-LV-6A Wireless-G 54Mbps Atheros SoC XR™ AP

Price : $40

NetPassage WPE53 is a high-performance and low-cost IEEE802.11b/g Access Point using the latest AR5007 technology. NetPassage WPE53 is also very small compared to other Access Points in the market. Using Atheros System-on-Chip(SoC) solution, WPE53 supports high-speed data transmission of up to 54Mbps.
NetPassage WPE53 supports Multiple SSID. It can support up to 4 separate wireless broadcast domains. These wireless Virtual LANs (VLANs) enable separation of end-users, ensuring that broadcast traffic reaches only those recipients for which it is intended. Each VLAN can be secured with different authentication method, making it highly secure for enterprise applications. NetPassage WPE53 also incorporates features that are useful to system integrators, such as Antenna Alignment for adjusting your antenna to optimize performance, Syslog for event logging, as well as Telnet/SSH for easy device management.


Small and Light
*-Ideal as CPE device
*-With only 91.8mm x 66mm x 25mm(H x W x D) in dimension and around 80g in weight, you can bring it anywhere you go.

Virtual AP (Multiple SSID)
*-Supports up to 4 virtual access points (VAP), with unique BSSIDs. Traffic from each VAP can be tagged to a unique VLAN and /or bridged if required. Each VAP will be able to configure their own security (WEP, TKIP, AES).

Long Range Support
*-Suitable for long-range wireless deployment with Proprietary Long Distance Algorithm for ACK and CTS timeout adjustment support. *-Provides recommended values for the parameters and at the same time allows for manual fine-tuning for optimal performance.

Bandwidth Control(in Routing Mode)
*-Gives the administrator the choice to manage the bandwidth of subscribers in case massive data transfer slowdown Internet access of other users.
*-Ability to limit the Upload/Download bandwidth at WAN/LAN ports using either IP address or MAC address.

Wireless Distribution System 2(WDS2)
*-Using the RootAP and Transparent Client combination, access points can be connected together, using MAC Address/ ESSID.
*-Repeater Mode allows RootAP to be connected to another RootAP, which in turn can be connected to another RootAP.

*-Access Point/RootAP
*-Access Point Client
*-Transparent Client
*-Wireless Adapter
*-Wireless Routing Client

*-Antenna Alignment
*-Long Distant Parameters
*-Transmission Power Control
*-Transmission Rate Control

*-Station Isolation
*-Wireless MAC Address Filtering
*-Closed System (hide SSID)

*-Virtual Access Point
*-Internet Sharing

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