Saturday, June 12, 2010

Routerboard 433

Price : $99

Introducing the RB/433, the new multi-interface device tha is replacing both the RB/133 and the RB/333. The performance of RB/433 is so good that it eliminates the need of an intermediate price routerboard – it gives you all the speed with the price of a CPE. It has three miniPCI interfaces and three ethernet ports and 64MB of RAM.

The heart of this device is the new Atheros CPU which makes this tiny device a quick one. Tests show that this device is faster than any other low cost product by Mikrotik, making the RB/433 fit right behind RB/600 and RB/1000.

Atheros AR7130 300MHz network processor, 64MB SDRAM, RouterBOOT, 64MB Onboard NAND memory chip w/ RouterOS L4, 3 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet (Auto MDI/X), 3 x MiniPCI Type IIIA/IIIB slots. Reset switch, Beeper. 1 x DB9 RS232C async serial port. Power, NAND activity, 5 user LEDs. Power options: Power over Ethernet: 10..28V DC (except power over datalines). Power jack: 10..28V DC. Dimensions: 10.5cm x 15cm 137 grams. Power consumption: ~3W without extension cards, max. 25W.

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